Projects with pupils in Europe

What's inside?

Fotos von Schüler*innen aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern zu Schlüsselbegriffen wie Bildung, Zukunft und kulturelles Erbe

Photographies of pupils representing key terms of the civil society like heritage, future and responsibility

Groups of pupils from nine European countries discuss ten key terms of the civil society and agree on a motive, a symbol or a situation to represent each of them. The results are exchanged among the participating groups and published. 

MMS project - Colours of Europe

The art project Colours of Europe is a contribution to the "Year of Creativity". By using MMS as a medium, pupils become part of a shared experience: My colors of Europe.

SMS project

How do pupils experience everyday life? What do they think about school and the relevance of school for their life? What would they like to change? We asked them to share their experiences using text messages. Their answers have been direct, honest, constructive and responsible. We presented them to the European Parliament.