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Welcome to the website of the European Forum for Freedom in Education (effe). We believe that a tolerant and  democratic society needs a free and diverse educational system. Our vision is of a Europe of peaceful neighbours and cultural diversity within and between countries. effe therefore facilitates international exchange so that we can learn with and from each other across national boundaries.

Register now for the International Democratic Education Conference
Register now for the International Democratic Education Conference


The International Democratic Education Conference will take place in Hadera in Israel from March 28 to April 3. The IDEC 2017 brings together experts, educators and democratic education lovers in an exciting learning environment. 


Read more about the International Education Conference or register for the conference.


CitizensLab is an European network


CitizensLab - Call for Application
Deadline to send your application is January 31st 2017

MitOst is now inviting active citizens and practitioners based in Europe to become a member of CitizensLab – The European network for local actors of change!


Our vision is to co-create new narratives for a more inclusive, accountable and diverse society.

Therefore, CitizensLab provides cross-sectoral spaces for being active in thematic labs, for generating translocal actions, 
for peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and for engaging in eye-to-eye dialogue with the European ecosystem
to deepen democracy and citizens’ participation in Europe.



If you are involved in a local citizens’ initiatives, in the municipality, in a social enterprise, in academia, in a watchdog initiative, or if you are a social campaigner, hacktivist or representative of a marginalised group become part of CitizensLab, the European network for local actors of change!


Apply for Citizenslab until Januar 31st 2017!


Please help us to circulate the Call for Application! You can share, send, tag, print, distribute it to all your contacts!

Togetherness as motivation
Togetherness as motivation



Togetherness, motivation and democracy in schools


Course for professionals, teachers and student teachers from April 3-7 2017

at the Independent Academy for Free School Teaching in Ollerup (Denmark).


The course will explore core concepts of Danish educational theory and practice that are foreign to many outsiders such as togetherness, the cultivation of character (Bildung) and of democratic values, enlightenment for life and the living word. The course will also aim to assess how these core concepts might be applied in other contexts. It will also include visits to local free schools.


The course will be held in English. Course fee is DKK 7995 or € 1075 (board and lodging included).

Applications should be received electronically using the Ollerup course homepage no later than February 2nd, 2017.


For further information contact the course leader John Mason

or else please see dfl-ollerup.dk



European Democratic Education Conference
European Democratic Education Conference

Vom 25. bis 27.11.2016 findet an der Freien Schule Leipzig das EUDEC
Deutschlandtreffen statt. 


Ziel des Treffens ist, Netzwerke auf- und auszubauen, sich
kennenzulernen, auszutauschen, sich weiterzubilden und sich gegenseitig
zu stärken, um  die Bildungslandschaft gemeinsam Richtung
Bildungspluralismus zu verändern.

Togetherness as motivation
Togetherness as motivation


Togetherness as motivation - a 21st century skill?


at The Independent Academy for Free School Teaching in Denmark


November 23 - November 25


For more information on the conference check out 





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CitizensLab is an European network

effe has been invited to take part in CitizensLab a new European network which is implemented by MitOst in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator, Robert Bosch Stiftung and the European Cultural Foundation.

CitizensLab is an European network

For more information on MitOst and the CitizensLab network check out





effe Seminar
Creative approaches to curriculum
Creative approaches to curriculum
Download the seminar report here!
Creative Approaches to Curriculum - semi
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EFFE Seminar May 16 - Creative Approache
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"Offenburg Resolution"

We have had a very successful board meeting and members’ assembly in Offenburg. The festivities around the 20th Anniversary of FREIE SCHULE SPATZ were great. Thanks for hosting us!

Click on the picture below to read the Offenburg Resolution.


"A Perfect Storm" by Mary Tasker is an expression that describes an unusual coming together of happenings which when combined will have some disastrous effects.

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News from Bruxelles

Visit EUCIS-LLL website to see the latest news from Bruxelles regarding education and learning.