European Forum for Freedom in Education

Different forms of organization of individual elements

Examples for different forms of organisation of a multitude of individual elements

The European Forum for Freedom (effe) was founded 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall. effe stands for the right to education and freedom and diversity in education including alternative schools as well as state schools. Our members are organizations or citizens who are active in the area of education. Learn more about the history of effe and join us to shape the future of education. 



The board of effe consists of up to 7 people who plan and co-ordinate the current and future activities of effe. Face-to-face meetings take place at least bi-anually. Council members represent working groups or organizations from different countries which are in close cooperation with the board and are invited regularly to participate in board meetings.


The international office is in contact with members, partners ans sponsors and is the main contact for requests directed at effe.

We connect people who are active in education

Attend our colloquia, conferences and seminars and meet people from all over Europe. Get involved in the discussion of important issues in education or organize an event in your own country to address current issues in education.


Promote your activities through our network and find potential partners for your projects.


Get inspired by examples of best practice throughout Europe. Gain access to expertise in different areas of education and make your own expertise accessible to organizations and individuals who are active in the area of education.

effe promotes education as a human right and stands for


... freedom and diversity in education

... equality of opportunity and inclusion

... educational equality and equality of schools

... school as a place to learn and to live 


It is the task to the European Union and its member states to protect and respect the inalienable right of every child to develop his or her individual talents.