Freedom and Education are inalienable rights

Posters advertising ideas for a group topic

Posters advertising ideas of the children for a group topic at Freie Comenius Schule Darmstadt in Germany

The European Forum for Freedom in Education (effe) is a non-governmental organization working in the field of general educations. effe is based in Germany and connects people all over Europe who want to shape the future of education.


effe exists to promote freedom in education. We believe that freedom and Education are inalienable rights and mutually dependent. effe therefore promotes free organisation of education in Europe, educational justice, diversity of educational provision and facilitates networking and exchange amongst its members and other actors in education. 

A tolerant and democratic society needs a free educational system

effe regards the organisation of schooling and education as tasks for society as a whole. A tolerant and democratic society needs a free and diverse educational system. All people in Europe should have access to education, regardless of age, gender and social or ethnic background.


effe members campaign for the protection of human rights and for the promotion of educational diversity in order to meet the needs of the individual. Schools should educate responsible, free-thinking and creative individuals who will shape the society of the future though their active participation in it.


Experience is our best teacher. effe therefore facilitates international exchange so that we can learn with and from each other across national boundaries. Our vision is of a Europe of peaceful neighbors and cultural diversity within and between countries.

Freedom and diversity in education

effe campaigns for the right to education and for freedom and diversity in education across Europe which includes:

... the unlimited right to education, excluding no-one

... freedom to develop one's own personality

... equality of opportunity through diversity of provision

... inclusion and support for all

... fair and equal treatment of educational institutions

... high quality provision

... professional autonomy

... teacher training as development of personality

... educational institutions as places to live and learn 

effe represents people from 


... more than 30 countries with different educational, political and administrative backgrounds

... a range of educational institutions including research and training institutions

... alternative and state schools with different educational approaches 


effe stands for the freedom of the individual, educational pluralism and innovation, intercultural tolerance and democracy in educational systems.