Improving social equity through education

effe Symposium 2015 - Improving Social Equity Through Education

The major issue of the effe Symposium 2015 in Edinburgh has been how to improve social equity through education

One of the biggest challenges facing education systems across Europe and further afield is how to improve outcomes - in the broader possible sense - for low achieving children and young people.


The purpose of the effe Symposium 2015 in Edinburgh was to bring together educationalists and policy makers from across the UK and mainland Europe in order to learn with and from each other in the task of bringing about change.  Download the main presentations held in Edinburgh.


The European Forum for Freedom in Education (effe) has organized the event in Scotland because of the explicit commitment of the Scottish Government to creating a fairer society and the work being done by Education Scotland to explore the role of education in this overarching aim.

Download the SYMPOSIUM REPORT here.
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Download the complete programme here.
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En francais: Téléchargez le programme complet ici.
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