School Autonomy - How do inclusive schools work best?

The European Meeting of Independent Education (EMIE) 2017 on "Right to eduction: Freedom of Parental Choice" took place in January 24, 2017 in Bruxelles. EMIE is an European Network, gathering all organizations and players from civil society concerned with non-state education. Part of the meeting was a hearing with the British MP Andrew Lewer. The contributions on school autonomy of all organizations who have attended EMIE 2017 can be found at the website of ECNAIS


Anne Charrière who represented effe at EMIE argues in her address to the MP that school autonomy is a prerequisite for inclusion, a view which is based on her experience from a study of three inclusive schools. She states that for inclusive schools to function properly, autonomy is needed at all levels: class level, school level, structural level, space and time organisation. Anne is a board member of effe and has written a master thesis on inclusive schools.

School Autonomy - Inclusion
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Do you have questions or are you an expert on inclusion or school autonomy and want to share your ideas? Please contact Anne.