Lust auf besser leben!

As a member of CitizensLab my interest is to find out how teachers can make more use of the learning opportunities which are available in the neighbourhood of schools. I believe that civil society organizations have developed approaches and methods which can be useful for teachers and that they can provide resources for learning outside of the classroom.



Today I met Marlene in Frankfurt for lunch. Marlene Haas represents the organisation labl - Lust auf besser Leben! in Frankfurt (Main) and is a member of CitizensLab. Lust auf besser leben is an independent center for education and competences for sustainable development. Lust auf besser leben wants to find approaches how to develop a sustainable society together with people of local communities.


Marlene and I had a first talk about ideas how to make children and young people aware of sustainability as a community issue and to broaden their understanding of global interrelations.



Bella & Rosa is a small organic food shop and café in Frankfurt which serves lunch. It is very close to Frankfurt (Main) main station.

If you want to know more about labl - Lust auf besser leben! check out:


labl-Lust auf besser leben!


Marlene Haas



The blog entry has been posted by Lilian Jüchtern. Lilian is a board member of effe and a board member of Freie Comenius Schule in Darmstadt (Germany).